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Steel Miter Saw Stand With Small Casters
Product Description Steel Miter Saw Stand With Small Casters Features: 1.2x4" casters for easier moving after folding. 2.Heavy duty stand make machine more stable and efficient working. Overall dimensions: (1050~2805) ×215×(820~990)mm Height range:820~990mm Length range:1050~2805mm ..

US $ 27,800

โต๊ะตัดแผ่นอะคริลิค KQG-1390
Laser Type: CO2 Applicable Material:      Acrylic,Crytal,Leather,MDF,Metal,Paper,plastic,Plexiglax,Plywood,Rubber,Wood Cutting Thickness: 0-30mm Cutting Area:600*400mm 1000*600mm 1300*900mm 1400*1000mm 1600*1200mm Cutting Speed:0-500mm/s CNC or Not:Yes Cooling Mode:Wa..

US $ 295,000