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เครื่องตัด เลเซอร์

Laser Engraving&Cutting Machine  LCM-BY-Z1390
Laser Power 135W: +$450 (Remark: The price will float subject to foreign exchange. Please ask our salesman for the final quotation before you make an order.) Spare Parts: Glass laser tube 100W, length: 63.0" (1.6m):+$811 Laser Power 100W: +$300 Reflective mirror, Dia.: 1.2" (30mm): +..

US $ 219,570

เครื่องยิงเลเซอร์,เครื่องเลเซอร์แกะสลัก CX9060
Product Description CX-9060 Laser Cutting Machine Feature: 1, Adopted imported linear guide, more stable and higher accuracy 3, DSP control system, high speed, and convenient operation 4, Supply with CE and FDA certificate Applicable material: Wood, Bamboo, Marble, Organic glass, Ac..

US $ 245,000