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Analog multimeter Sanwa YX 360 TRF
Analog multimeter Sanwa YX 360 TRF Analog multimeter Sanwa Electric Instrument SANWA YX360TRF Easy to read the mean value of values changing in short cycles. A digital tester does not give stable value determination. No need for the operating power supply except for resistance range(excludi..

US $ 1,250

Digital Multimeter CD 770
3-3/4 digits 4000 count Easy to read large LCD Thermo plastic elastomer, high resistance against drop shock Safety cap on current terminal Data hold, Range hold, Relative function Continuity check, Diode test Auto power off function (30min.) Download Manual ZIP file (PDF/1,277K) B..

US $ 1,601

Sanwa CD771
Digital multi-meter SANWA (Sanwa) sealed pattern digitally multi-meter CD771 ■Good point ● Data hold range hold リラティブ function ● An LED lamp turns on with a conduction check buzzer ● Automatic power off function to operate in approximately 30 minutes     ◆It becomes the..

US $ 2,780

ดิจิตอลมัลติมิเตอร์ SANWA Digital Multimeter CD800A
3-3 / 4 digits 4000 count 0.7% best accuracy Capacitance measurement Not suitable for measuring condensers with large leak current Frequency measurement (AC sine wave only) Data hold / Range hold Relative value Auto power off (30min.) (cancelable) Low power ohm (input voltage 0.4V..

US $ 1,450

มิเตอร์เข็มแท้ Sanwa YX 361 TR
มิเตอร์เข็มแท้ Sanwa YX 361 TR ..

US $ 2,200